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The UMFA Collection Database is a searchable archive of artworks in the permanent collection of the Utah Museum of Fine Arts at the University of Utah. As both a University art museum and the state of Utah's official art museum, the UMFA engages visitors in discovering meaningful connections with the artistic expressions of the world's cultures. The UMFA strives to create exhibitions and programs that meet the needs of a variety of audiences and ignite in our visitors a passion for the visual arts. The UMFA exhibits, interprets, and collects excellent art—grounded in current scholarship—and serves as a meeting place for the arts in the civic life of our region. This database was launched to allow maximum access to the Museum's permanent collections while maintaining the Museum's core preservation values. This project was made possible by generous support from the Lawrence T. Dee and Janet T. Dee Foundation. To browse the collection and view highlights, click BROWSE.
Due to the large number of objects in the permanent collection, not all records are complete. The information found on this site is subject to change as new objects, information and images are added. For the most recently acquired works, visit FAVORITES. All images are subject to copyright law and use of these images outside of the parameters of the database is restricted. For information on requesting copies of images and obtaining reproduction rights, visit REPRODUCTION REQUESTS.
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